We are always looking for inspiring

fathers all across the universe.

One day we found  Emil Kullänger

and his daughter Nikki.

They live in Stockholm, Sweden.


Dad, what inspires you?

- I often visit museums and concerts, where I find a lot of inspiration.

I also get very inspired by conversations with interesting people,

and because I happen to be a bit of a networker I luckily end up

in those interesting meetings almost every day. 


Dad, imagine the future?

- Right now, I look so much forward to the end of February when we finally get to meet

Nikkis little brother. That’s basically almost the only thing I can think about regarding the

future as we speak. But of course I do have some dreams and plans about the future as

well, like buying a summer house in a nice place somewhere outside of Stockholm.

I think it’s important to be able to give both the kids and ourselves the opportunity to

spend more time in the nature and not only walk around in the concrete jungle every day.


Dad, what’s the best thing being a dad?

- All the love you give and receive, and that you have a little friend who always sees the

god in you (ok, except for the moments when you say no to candy and things like that…)


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